Artistic director of the Russian Classical Ballet.

Oxana Usacheva
Oxana Usacheva

Oxana started her career entering the Bolshoi Ballet School (nowadays called the Moscow State Academy of Choreography). She successfully passed through the preliminary examinations and turned out to be a model pupil of the best ballet school in the Soviet Union.

After graduating from the ballet school in 1988, Oxana started her career performing with small ballet companies in Moscow. At the age of 22 she joined the Kremlin Ballet company and worked there for many years.

Oxana’s greatest professional success was achieved while dancing with the Moscow Ballet “La Classique”. She has performed:

  • Odille in “Swan Lake”,
  • Paquita in “Swan Lake”
  • Mirth in “Giselle”
  • Bacchante in “The Walpurgis Night”

And many other star characters.

Ballet lovers around the world have enjoyed her dancing, especially in Spain, Italy, Portugal, UK, Ireland, Japan, Australia and China.

Nowadays Oxana Usacheva is the Artistic Director of the Russian Classical Ballet. Oxana together with the prominent choreographers from Russia, Italy and Belgium restores the best performances of the world classical ballets, such as “Swan Lake”, “The Nutcracker”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Cinderella”, etc. She tends to create the new and interesting performances and enlarge the company repertoire.