She was born in a small Ukrainian town. At the age of seven, she attends ballet classes, though her mother was against her becoming a ballet dancer. In 1997, she entered the Kharkov Ballet School. Though a second year student, she was invited to perform at the Kharkov State Opera and Ballet Theatre. Whilst studying for the third year corse, she was lucky to perform for the first time the leading character in the ballet “Sleeping Beauty” – The Fairy of Lilacs. In 2001 she graduated from the Ballet School with distinction and joined the Kharkov State Opera and Ballet Theatre as a soloist. In 2002 she attended the classes of classical dancing at the Vienna Opera. The season 2002-2003 she was performing at the Art Ballet Budapest. Summer 2003 brought her a Diploma at the International Competition in Rome. In spite of frequently touring she managed to finish the Kharkov National University and in 2005 received a magisterial diploma on “sociology and social organization”. In 2005 she gave a birth to a lovely daughter Anastasia – future ballerina. In autumn 2007 she joined the Moscow Ballet “La Classique” Starting 2009 she is a Star dancer of the Russian Classical Ballet.